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Bright Memory For Android (2020)

Bright Memory APK Android puts you in the role of a female protagonist named Celia, who is an agent for the super national science research organization. There is a terrorist group known as SCI is being led by a man named Carter in search of powerful artifacts. you have to stop them with all you have at your disposal. you get a lot while you only have access to three guns a machine gun shotgun and a pistol.
The game though is a nice array of abilities at your disposal with more being unlocked with experience points. my favorite is the light blade I love the satisfaction of blasting monsters in the air with the EMP then following up with a flurry of strikes it’s incredible. Bright Memory Mobile APK has fast-paced combat, you’ll run across some puzzle sections as well. The puzzles are easy and does not take too much of your time.
Graphically the game is the best looking game on Android which is built using Unreal Engine 4 but lip-syncing is a bit awkward. You will be amazed to know that this game is made by only one developer. The Full Version of Bright Memory Mobile will Release in 2020 but here we have got special Game for you to try before its releases in the Play Store. We urge to bring good games for you so make sure to sign-up using your Email ID.
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  2. Sorry but this game doesn't work on android version 6.0.0

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  4. It will work on marshmellow or not